Frequently Asked Questions

Do you invest in non-software businesses?

No, we focus on SaaS and tech-enabled service businesses selling to enterprises.

Do you lead rounds?

Yes, if we have domain expertise and specific knowledge in the business.  We can co-lead and also follow in rounds.

Do you invest in SAFE notes?

No, we only invest in Priced Preferred Equity or Convertible Promissory Note financial instruments.

Do you reserve capital for follow-on rounds?

Yes, we try to reserve at least our initial investment size (1.0x) for subsequent rounds.

Will you invest in B2C/CPG companies?

Sadly, no. We are focused on B2B startups where we can better understand the problem and offer more value-add post investment.

Will you invest in companies that have both hardware and software elements?

The short answer is: it depends. We have invested in hardware/software startups in the past, but we lean towards primarily software businesses.

What’s your view on selling to the Department of Defense or other government agencies?

At a high level we like this. Despite the long sales cycles and onerous customer demands many times the toughest use case and toughest customer to please can be the military. If your product can operate and solve problems in that environment, then you should be able to take it to commercial customers.