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Recruited by the U.S. Army as a freshman in college, retired Staff Sergeant Beth Fynbo served from 1996-2006, working as a linguist in military intelligence in Bosnia and a broadcast journalist in Italy and Iraq. Today, she’s one of the nation’s veteran business owners.

Fynbo owns Busy Baby Mat, a company featuring a mealtime placemat that keeps baby toys from falling on the floor. Since launching the company in March 2019, Fynbo has patented and trademarked the product and seen a steady rise in sales.

She credits her work in the military for helping to make the company a success.

“Tenacity, determination and the ability to adapt and overcome are lessons instilled in me during my time in the military,” says Fynbo. “You train and prepare for missions, but when ‘go-time’ arrives, sometimes you encounter unplanned events or circumstances. Adapting and overcoming is vital to any mission, and veteran business owners have that mindset.”

Thanks to valuable skills they picked up in the military, many veteran business owners like Fynbo find success in the business world. I spoke to six more veterans and asked them to share their secrets for success.