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The Entrepreneurs We Partner With

Our experience has proven there are opportunities in investing in technology businesses led by service driven, former military and national security leaders who are now solving problems affecting us all.


Those who served in military are 45% more likely to start a business than those who did not.


Approximately 10% of US small businesses are founded and led by military veterans despite less than 1% of America’s adult population serving.


Founder Focused

The leadership potential and expertise of veteran founders is often undervalued from an investment perspective.

These founders possess incomparable character forged in the experience of serving, where traits such as discipline, resilience and grit are developed and honed. These traits and their service-driven mindset making them ideally suited to start, build and lead technology companies.

We know these veteran founders to have an innate sense of service, which has called them to the innovation ecosystem. Our own service driven investment thesis provides us unique and trusted access to this primed pool of talent that we can quickly assess and understand.


Trusted Due Diligence

We invest in people for the right reasons – for their character, values, principles, decency, and ethics.

We look for service driven leaders who can communicate, inspire others, and rally a team against a common mission while finding room to pivot as necessary. These leaders have the tested ability to learn and adapt with unmatched experience in leveraging technology at scale and operating in dynamic, high-risk environments.

As service driven veteran founders ourselves we can quickly identify these traits and get to moments of trust through the common bond we share. This network approach enhances our due diligence process pre-investment and undergirds our support to accelerate growth post-investment, thereby mitigating overall investor risk.


Durable Outcomes

On our journey, we’ve found that service driven founders have a unique boldness and courage that powers their ability to turn ideas into products and services that alter the course of society beyond the status quo.

We are proud of the results our Founders have achieved and excited for the opportunities ahead. We’ll continue to leverage our unique access to high performing and commercially tested Founders as they solve tough problems in their markets and generate outsized returns for their investors.