A unique approach for unique founders

We invest in service driven, high performing and commercially tested former military and national security leaders.

We look for servant leaders who can communicate, inspire others, and rally a team against a common mission. These leaders have the tested ability to learn, adapt, and apply themselves in unpredictable, ever changing environments.

These leaders, along with their co-founders and leadership teams, are accomplished, committed to the mission, and have relevant domain expertise in that they know and understand their industries and customers at a strategic, operational and tactical level through first-hand experience.


A network-driven approach to accelerate the success of our founders in order to deliver investor returns, develop teams, and grow a value-added network.

What We Invest In

  • STAGE: Pre-Series A and Series A
    Technology startups
  • SECTOR: Business-to-Business (B2B)
    SaaS or Tech-enabled services with industry preferences of Healthcare, Cybersecurity, Financial Services, Security & Risk, and Defense Tech
    Functioning product and customers, solving for a need
    Preference for underserved geographies such as the Southeast
    On the Founding team

What We Do Not Invest In

  • Founders straight out of the military or academia who lack domain expertise
  • Companies where the Veteran is not part of the founding team
  • Consumer-facing software or service businesses (B2C)
  • Markets with high regulatory environments
  • Companies targeting only the government or Veterans
  • Franchise businesses, consulting firms, or consumer product companies

Our History

TFX Philosophy & Values

Why Military Veterans & National Security Leaders