TFX Talent Network

Integrated, full spectrum team of experts focused on talent identification, development, growth, and mental wellness at the individual and team levels.

We provide relentless and durable support to our founders through a network driven task force that brings together teams of experts to help turn their ideas into companies that make a difference.

Dr. Ben Michaels

Management Coach
Author, Speaker

Individual mental health support and discussion groups for founders

Cindi Basenspiler

Executive Coach
Army Veteran
Corporate HR Leader

Founder/Exec individual and team assessment during initial investment diligence

Tom Milic

Co-Founder, IQ Talent Partners
Talent Recruitment
Outsourced HR

Technical and non-technical talent recruitment; HR operations/process advisory

Mike Metcalf & Shaun Peet

Co-Founders, Deck Leadership
Team Development Experts
Culture Experts

Diversity, inclusion & performance experts; team development

Luann Abrams

Founder, CEOx

Placement of executive women for board, advisory, and c-suite role