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Charlotte’s TFX Capital Adds New Venture Partner, Four Advisors

By February 18, 2022No Comments

Task Force X Capital, also known as TFX Capital, a Charlotte-headquartered, veteran-led venture capital firm, added a new venture partner to its team, and named four new strategic advisors.

Brent Blake is the firms newest venture partner, and he will also sit on the investment committee.  According to Blake’s LinkedIn profile, he is based in the Raleigh-Durham region.  Blake is also the founder and managing director of Valariti LLC, according to Blake’s LinkedIn profile.  The company is registered with the North Carolina Secretary of State, and was formed in February 2021, according to the filing.

“Many people I have met support the veteran community in spirit and stop there. TFX takes supporting service driven veteran leaders several magnitudes further,” said Blake in a statement.  “Being military veterans ourselves at TFX, we know the qualities of a veteran leader and we believe they have a unique pedigree that will enable them to persevere through start-up challenges and lead successful companies at a greater rate than traditional founders,” said Blake.

The managing partner of TFX Capital, Brandon Shelton, said in a statement that the firm’s strength is its people, and that adding Blake and four new individuals to its strategic advisory board was exciting as the company turns to its “next chapter.”

TFX Capital partner Kevin Eckert previously made the business case for investing in veteran-led startups in a column published on WRAL TechWire.  In a separate column, Shelton wrote that veteran entrepreneurs are prime candidates for entrepreneurial success.