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Marani Health (formerly Odonata Health) Raises $3.7M; Appoints Health Care Veteran Jodi Hubler to the Board

By April 20, 2021June 7th, 2023No Comments

For Ann Holder, it all began with a conversation. She had collaborated with the Mayo Clinic for many years during her career, focused primarily on the cardiovascular space. She had a strong relationship with both Mayo Ventures and with Dr. Paul Friedman, the Chair of Cardiovascular Medicine at the Mayo Clinic. Dr. Friedman as an electrophysiologist is a renowned researcher in the area of AI and machine learning in cardiology, and based on the research and development he had done in this area, he had an idea to do a similar development project in fetal monitoring. Dr. Friedman came to Holder and asked if she would be willing to help him and his team develop the technology as an entrepreneur in residence at the Mayo Clinic. After doing considerable research on the current state of fetal monitoring and assessing the market needs, which exposed huge technology and access voids, she jumped at the opportunity to work with him and the Mayo team. Marani (former Odonata Health) was born.

“The technologies used today are similar to what was in use when I had my four children and fundamentally the same technology in use when I was born. Very little time and money had been invested in this area of medicine, which allows us a great opportunity to disrupt the market. As I started the company, I was focused on developing a prenatal monitoring device to capture critical fetal biometric data, but as our team advanced the Marani solution, we quickly realized the monitoring device is a critical piece of a valuable broad prenatal care solution and we are focused on an end-to-end prenatal care solution,” she starts her story.

Holder, now founder and CEO of Marani, is a Medical Device Executive with a rich background in sales, marketing, finance, and operations. She began her career in the U.S. Army after graduating with a Bachelor of Science Degree in engineering from the United States Military Academy at West Point. Most recently she has been helping companies commercialize in the U.S. while focused on developing fetal monitoring technology with the Mayo Clinic.

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