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Venture Capitol Podcast: American National Security and the Role of the Startup Ecosystem

By July 6, 2022No Comments

The United States military has been the archetype for innovation and power around the world. Over the last two decades, faults within the system have become alarming evident. And the venture industry has the solution. In this episode, we will examine the force and ingenuity behind VCs and how they can disrupt the archaic processes behind our country’s defense framework. We hear from experts how VC-backed startups can form better partnerships with the Pentagon to yield a safer, more competitive America for all.

Listen in as our Managing Partner, Branon Shelton discusses all of this with a distinguished panel of guests;

Ted Schlein, General Partner at Ballistic Ventures and Kleiner Perkins, shares how the VC industry has progressed in cybersecurity and discusses how VC-backed startups in cybersecurity can navigate selling their products to the federal government.

Michael Brown, Director of the Defense Innovation Unit (DIU) in the U.S. Department of Defense, provides the perspective from the intersection of the federal government and VC to the conversation. Michael explains the challenges faced by VC-backed companies   while partnering with the Pentagon, and how the Pentagon is reforming the acquisition process.

Shaan Gandhi M.D., D.Phil., 2022 NVCA Rising Star winner, recalls his story of the power of drug development that motivated him to support the next generation of biotechnology companies.

Brandon Shelton, Managing Partner of TFX Capital, explains why military veterans bring unique value to the VC industry and offers advice to veterans wanting to launch their own startups.

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