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TFX Capital Founder Brandon Shelton on How Military Experience Prepares Veterans for Startup Success

By March 7, 2023June 7th, 2023No Comments

In this episode, Michael Conniff sits down with Brandon Shelton, founder and managing partner of TFX Capital, an early-stage technology venture capital firm that invests in service-driven, high-performing, and commercially tested military and national security Veterans. Brandon passionately believes that Veterans make great startup founders because of their experience in service. With over 20 years of military, financial, strategy, and operational experience, he brings a unique perspective to investing. TFX Capital’s mission is to solve real-world issues by using technology to build ideas that are not new to our society. During our conversation, we discussed how Veterans’ training and experience in high-intensity and change environments have prepared them to handle the challenges of running a startup. Brandon also highlighted the importance of resilience, which comes naturally to those who have been on active duty, as it is an essential characteristic for running a successful startup. If you’re interested in learning more about how Veterans can make great startup founders or want to discover the exciting work that TFX Capital is doing, be sure to listen to this episode of The Accelerator with Michael Conniff.